Winston Salem Game Thread (Finally!)

12/22/2009 3:04:49 PM I don't care who the Terps are playing tonight.  I only care that they are playing.  Winston Salem could be decent.  They could be terrible.  I don't know.  It doesn't matter.  Gary will have the Terps ready.

College basketball is strange.  Maryland hasn't played in about 10 days and despite getting their feet wet tonight; the Terps won't play a meaningful game for another three weeks when the ACC season starts.

Take the word "meaningful" with a grain of salt.  Maryland has not gone through this portion of the schedule (after finals, before the ACC season) unscathed in three years.  This year should be different.  It better be.  I can't take another Morgan State-ian collapse.  I realize that I just made up a word; but that collapse was so epic that it deserves its own designation.

The next three games are about two things:

1. Gary Williams needs to figure out an eight-man rotation for the ACC season.  The Terps will fail miserably if they try and work everyone into the game.  For my money, here's our top seven guys:  Vasquez, Hayes, Mosley, Milbourne, Williams, Gregory, and Padgett.  The final rotation guy is either Tucker or Bowie.  I think it should be Tucker, but it will probably be situational.  The one mistake Gary can't make is to try and make a nine-man rotation work.  It won't.  It doesn't work in the pros where there are eight extra game minutes to go around (48 vs. 40) and it definitely won't work in college.  I'm not the world's greatest expert on college basketball but I would venture to say that a nine-man rotation has NEVER worked.

2.  Greivis Vasquez needs to get comfortable with this team.  The 2009-10 Terps have more "toys" for GV to play with.  There is size down low and some consistent perimeter scoring options.  The key will be for Greivis to trust his teammates and not sabotage the offense by forcing his own scoring chances.  The other starters are capable scorers.  Vasquez needs to trust them.

Let's see how the Terps work on these two items as we progress through the next three games.
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