William and Mary Thread

12/30/2009 5:29:49 PM Tonight's game is huge for Maryland.  William and Mary has always represented the best chance for Maryland to experience a slip up against a "lesser" opponent.  I put lesser in quotes because W&M is really good.  They have already beaten Wake Forest and gave Connecticut all  it can handle.

All signs point to a nail biter tonight.  The Terps will need to play at high level to earn a victory this evening.  A loss while not totally surprising would be devastating.  With a loss, the Terps would need to become a virtual juggernaut in the ACC to make the dance.

With a win, the Terps will improve their RPI, which has been a rare occurrence during MD's recent non-conference history. It's early in the season and the numbers will change but right now, William and Mary is number 7 in the most recent RPI Rankings. Do you still think tonight's game isn't important?

I expect the Terps will bring the necessary fire tonight.  There will be adversity but our Terps should prevail.  That should make the Ross situation a little (very little) easier for Terp fans to take.
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