Why The Hatred?

3/16/2009 5:17:55 PM I just don't get it.  I don't know what the Washington Post has against the University of Maryland.  Well, check that.  It's not the entire Post obviously.  Mainly it's Mr. Eric Prisbell, co-author of the infamous 3-part series on the 'downfall' of the Maryland program.

Look, we've been over many of the issues surrounding the program.  No use doing that again.  We all have our opinions and despite the amazing NCAA tournament berth and the excitement surrounding it, there are still issues regarding the current talent level of the team.  But those are questions for another time. 

I was reading the Post's web chat today that was co-hosted by Prisbell and it just bothers me how he seems to be so badly slanted against the program.  Obviously, Gary and the rest of the players have turned against him and answer all of his or the other Post writers questions with short answers or my favorite Gary response to those guys:   "You are wrong."  But guys, you brought it all on yourself with that series of articles that took unfair shots at the program.  I'm not saying those issues shouldn't have been brought up, but they needed to be done in a better way and not done to make a name for yourself at the expense of a local program that has had some struggles. (They still have not won fewer than 19 games in 15 years). You know it's bull when nearly every person who has been asked about Gary and the boys sticks up for them so strongly. 

Okay, now that we are done with that, on to California.

The most important thing about the matchup to me is that we don't play until 3pm eastern time on Thursday when I should (barring a delay) be sitting in the Caesars Palace sports book in Las Vegas with a beer in hand ready to go!  Secondly important, we can win this game.

Cal is not a big team.  We are not a big team.

Cal is the best 3 pt. shooting team in the country, but their leading scorer is only 5'10'' and if you put 6'4'' Sean Mosley on him, perhaps we can keep him from going off.  If the Terps can avoid being caught on screens and battle through them, we should be able to limit the long distance shots.    On the flip side, we need to hit shots and play within ourselves.  This could be a big moment for Landon Milbourne, who should not need to wear himself out playing bigger guys and if he can get hot from mid-range, we could be very dangerous.

Since the Terps don't blow anyone out, I'm sure this will be a closely contested game and hopefully for us, we have been in enough of those to come through when it counts. 

I put nothing past this team.  They are fighters in every sense of the word.  Could they win on Thursday and surprise Memphis?... sure!  Could they go cold shooting and lose to Cal>.... yup.  But one thing this team will not do is quit.  They will give it all they have and they will make us proud in Kansas City. They may frustrate us, but after going through the ups and downs of this season, these guys will forever be one of my favorite Maryland teams in history.

I will hope that sometime on Saturday afternoon, somebody will hit a big 3 in KC (maybe with the ball near his ear like my man Mario Lucas)  and the announcer will say... "The number 2 seed in the West is in trouble."

Why not?!

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