Who's With Me?

11/16/2009 8:51:19 PM photo

Now that's what I call confidence.  Clearly, it's all in fun but you have to like that price.  Of all the teams in the NCAA, there aren't any better than Maryland that are getting worse odds than 75 to 1.  As per usual, the betting public is discounting our senior laden team.

Despite the skepticism, you have to love this team on paper.  It is a familiar formula that we have seen before.  A starting five comprised of mostly seniors consistently outplays more-talented opponents throughout the year and makes a deep run in the Tourney.  Why can't that be Maryland this year?

Am I predicting a National Championship? Despite the photo evidence to the contrary, of course not.  A Final Four?  Nope.  A legit shot at a special season?  You betcha!  I'll have the betting ticket hanging in my office for the next five months to prove it.
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