What A Choke

3/7/2009 5:55:58 PM There is nothing left to say about this team.\~ When they lose a game like they did today; you just want to punch something.\~ Yet another NCAA Tournament will pass without the University of Maryland.\~\~ It's no one's fault.\~ It's everyone's fault.\~ We need shooters.\~ We need rebounders.\~ What we don't need is another year in the NIT Tournament.\par \par Why did they bother to beat UNC if they were gonna pull this shit?\~ Seriously.\~ They could have saved us the trouble.\par \par Jordan Williams and James Padgett will need to turn the whole program around.\~ It is Gary's last chance.\~ Even I will jump ship if he is not able to get us back to the Tournament next year.\par \par There is a culture of mediocrity that permeates through the entire program. I need to collect my thoughts before commenting further.\par \par I'll be announcing the new look Turtle Soup later in the week.\~ What a shame that it can't be unveiled for the Terps Tournament run.\par \par http://turtle-soup.com\par \par It's not live yet, but will be soon.
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