We’re Back– Almost

2/14/2007 10:35:30 PM That was a wonderful win. First of all let me thank my fiance Ms. Turtle Soup (I got engaged last weekend) for allowing me to watch the Terp game during our Valentine's Day dinner.

What I saw was a team that played to their strengths (strong guard play, Straw and MJ taking what the defense gives them, and aggressive shot blocking). Say what you want about a crappy NC State team, but a road win is a road win. The second half was great.

So the Terps have one of the three "must wins" under their belt. Next up is a suddenly reeling Clemson. As strange as it sounds, I almost wish they had the Tigers had won tonight. Clemson will be in desperate need of a win on Sunday, which means they may be "hungrier" than the Terps. The Terps have been playing with their backs against wall the last two games and the results speak for themselves.

(Speaking of playing with your back against the wall, Duke is destroying BC right now. Urgency is a great substitute for talent, when one team plays with it and the other team does not).

So when the Terps head to Clemson, they will be playing a team that will have that urgency. Will the Terps have lost theirs after two straight wins? I sure hope not. A win on Sunday and the Terps will have to play themselves OUT of the NCAA Tournament (hard to believe but it is true).

Earlier in the season, I would have penciled this in as a loss; but I just get the feeling that something has turned with this team. They hit rock bottom with the home loss against UVa and while they were at the bottom, they found themselves. I'm reminded of the Florida State loss in 2001. Those Terps were run out of Cole to chants of "NIT" that night.  Somehow they fixed whatever it was that needed fixing and they wound up in the Final Four.  What is reminiscent to me is that in both cases, the problem for both Terp squads is/was mental.

I think it is safe to say that the Final Four is not in the cards for this team, but I do think that have experienced a similar metamorphosis. They believe in themselves again and after the last two performances, I think Terp Nation is starting to as well.

Envision a win at Clemson. Seize it boys. Now is the time to take control of your destiny.
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