We Beat Penn State And Played A Basketball Game Yesterday

11/2/2014 6:47:59 AM 2-35-1 never felt so good, huh?  We all know that Penn State is turrible but yesterday the Terps did something that had never happened before.  They won a football game in State College, PA. 

I felt like my old self watching this game.  I was yelling at the TV, pacing back and forth.  All the old hatreds for Penn State came flowing back.  I remember 70-7.  I was there.

The win took a giant monkey off the team's back and gave the alumni something to truly cheer about since god knows when. It also rekindled Maryland's only true football rivalry.  Of course, it typical Maryland fashion, our opponent doesn't consider the Terps their true rival, but who cares?  The Terps won a football game in front of 100,000 fans which is likely also a first for the program.

Saturday was the biggest win in Randy Edsall's tenure.  Edsall could feel it too.  He held back tears in the post game interview.  He knows as well as anyone how crucial this win is to establish Maryland as a legitimate program in the Big Ten.  It helps with recruiting and perhaps most importantly, energizes a moribund fan base.

If Maryland wants to be the "Oregon of the East", it doesn't start with new uniforms and money.  It starts with sell outs of Byrd Stadium.  Recruits will play at Maryland if they can feel excitement and energy around the program.  Wins like yesterday can jump start those things.

Basketball Exhibition

Yesterday wasn't just about a football game. The new look basketball team took the floor for the first time in an exhibition game against San Francisco State.  Melo Trimble had an outstanding debut with 19 points and 5 assists.  Dion Wiley contributed 16 points as the newcomers led the way.  The Terps rained threes all day as the likes of Jared Nickens and Richaud Pack also looked good.

Maryland played small ball with Jake Layman starting at the 4. I think Turgeon will tinker with the lineup as he awaits the return of Evan Smotrycz.  Damonte Dodd seems to be penciled in as a starter at center.  Slovenian big man Mikael Cekovsky was the only Terp who didn't register a point thus underscoring the fact that he is not quite ready. That means the Terps will likely be undersized all year.

I'm not going to push the panic but just yet on that front for what matters is that Maryland looked good yesterday.  I realize San Francisco State is garbage but by all accounts, the Terps looked like a team.  It is nice to have a floor general who can run an offense.  There is a lot riding on Trimble's shoulders and for now, he looks the part of someone who can handle that pressure.

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