Wake Forest Thread

1/12/2011 3:51:30 PM Greetings from Silicon Valley! I've been training on the west coast all week; so I've been a bit of the loop on the Soup.

Sundays loss at Cameron obviously disappointed; but I believe (like Gregg), that we can take solace in the fact that the Terps played Duke closer at Cameron than any other opponent this year.  We even played better in Durham than last year's senior laden squad.

Tonight is a different story.  Gary Williams has called Wake Forest a must-win game and he is 100% right.  The Terps are 10-5 and can ill afford to go to 0-3 in the ACC.  What's more, Villanova awaits on Saturday.

Wake is terrible.  They are 7-9 and they have lost to the likes Stetson, Winthrop and UNC Wilmington (a school the Terps bested by 40).  Quite simply, Maryland appears to out class the Demon Deacons.  Of course, the most important word in the previous sentence is "appears".  The Terps need to play as if the season is on the line tonight.  While they can probably win despite a poor showing from the FT line, why not use tonight's game as a springboard for better performance from the stripe?

Road games in the ACC are never easy and tonight is no different. Wake will give it their all and the Terps best be prepared to play their best game of the season.  

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