Waiting Game

4/10/2011 6:32:41 PM For Terp fans; this is an agonizing time.  There is nothing to do but wait. 

- We wait for Desmond Hubert to decide between UNC and Maryland (likely this week and likely UNC).

- We wait for Jordan Williams to sign with an agent. (must happen before April 24th).

- We wait to see if Wally Judge and Maryland have a mutual interest in each other (timeframe unknown)

-We wait for the details on the courtship of Shaquille Cleare (timeframe unknown)

- We wait to see if the Terps will offer 2011 PF prospect Jared Guest (don't expect anything until we learn what Jordan Williams is going to do.)

Given all the uncertainty; I think we should all prepare for life without Jordan Williams.  The Terps will probably have to go to battle next Fall with a combination of James Padgett, Ashton Pankey, Berend Weijs, and Martin Bruenig patrolling the paint.

My hope is that this unheralded foursome can provide the defense and rebounding we need to stay competitive next season.  As for scoring, well, we'll have to rest our hopes on the back court.  Faust, Stoglin, Mosley, Parker, Gibbs, and Howard will have to do the heavy lifting.  We'll be a perimeter team next year sans Jordan Williams. It will be tough going, make no mistake. 

I'll go on the record now and say that our Pu Pu platter of a front court will be better than people think.  There is enough talent there to get things done in the ACC.  I have nothing to base this on other than an unending homerism and a hunch that people are at their best when everyone doubts them.  (for details, see Bill Simmons and the Ewing Theory).

Regardless, I'm holding out the faintest hope that Jordan returns.  As a betting man, I'm putting the odds 6-1 against Williams being in College Park next season.

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