UConn Thread

9/14/2012 10:02:44 PM The Edsall Bowl.  There are only two states in the Union that care about this matchup tomorrow.  We just happen to go to school in one of them.  For the Terps, tomorrow's game represents the opportunity to get to an improbable 3-0.  In the Terps way is an offensively challenged UConn squad. 

NC State barely escaped their game with UConn winning 10-7.  I think we can expect the same tomorrow.  Hills and the Terp offense is a work in progress as it is.  Throw them in against a tough defense and you get a low scoring affair.  The question is whether or not our defense is stout enough to keep us in a low scoring game.

I think the answer is yes but the second half of the Temple game gives me pause.   Still, I think the Terps will pull it out and give the Big East yet another reason to hate the ACC.

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