Two Made Jump Shots

11/17/2011 5:05:36 PM Wow.  That was some shooting display.  Outside of Sean Mosley's desperation three at the end of the half and Nick Faust's fadeaway in garbage time; the Terps only hit layups.  That's not to say that they hit many of them. The Terps shot 26% from the field and 56% from the charity stripe. No Terp scored in double figures.

I realize that Alabama's got one of the better defenses in the NCAA; but the Terps looked like a high school team out there.  It was rough.  On a positive note, it's impossible to imagine that Maryland could ever play worse than that.  Sean Mosley bricked everything.  So did Faust and Stoglin,  They are the Turgeon's three best shooters.  It has to get better. Doesn't it?

Outside of the atrocious shooting, I thought the Terps played great defense, but got destroyed on the boards. Ashton Pankey tallied 10 boards but there is just not enough bulk up front.  Alex Len will help.

It's pretty clear that the walk ons are useless against a good team, so the 7 scholarship guys will have to do it all.  Thin up front and streaky in the back, the Terps are going to need to come out strong if they hope to win games this year.

We've been saying that the Terps will be lucky to escape PR with two wins.  Moving day is tomorrow.  Wichita State is the likely opponent.
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