Trayvon Reed Is Gone

8/1/2014 8:28:18 PM What..the..hell?

Trayvon Reed's career at Maryland is over before it even begins. He was kicked off the team today. Based on the reports, it is hard to blame anyone but Trayvon for getting kicked off the basketball team.

Apparently, he punched a cop over the theft of $5 worth of candy.  Let that one sink in.  It is inexcusable to steal and it is inexcusable to resist arrest but really PG Police? Really?  You couldn't let the 7 footer leave with a warning? 

He's an 18 year old kid and we all do stupid shit at that age, but this takes the cake.  A kid with so much to lose has nearly thrown it all away.  He'll never play in a Maryland uniform but that doesn't mean his career is over.  Perhaps another school will pick him up after he's completed his punishment over this incident.  Maybe he will play in Europe.  Who knows?  What matters is the Terps are one player short on a roster that was already lean. 

If you need me, I'll be in the corner of my room weeping in the fetal position.

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