The Turtle Soup Bowl Rant

12/3/2010 3:38:19 PM College Football is pretty much a laughingstock.  How is it that a sport so dedicated to celebrating the amateur athlete, is transparently driven by money and greed?

It's bad enough that every bowl game is mangled into some ridiculous corporate sponsorship.  I mean who would have thought that the 1990 Poulin Weed Eater Independence Bowl would be the tip of the Ridiculous Name Iceberg?  There is a Bowl, Little Caesars Bowl, and Chick-Fil-A Bowl.  Apparently, that's not enough food because we also have a Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.

There are 35 bowl games now. That means 70 teams.  A bowl invite is hardly a feather in the cap when almost 60% the FBS programs get an invitation.  Somehow, all of these absurdly named bowls make more money than a playoff system.  Can't we figure out a way to have an elimination Tournament where the individual games are still sponsored like the bowl system with the only difference being that the games actually have meaning?

Whatever.  The NCAA is a joke.

Now you may be wondering why I am ranting about this.  Well, the reason is that the Terps are arguably the third best team in the ACC (in terms of the record and conference wins; it's almost indisputable); however, it now looks like a virtual certainty that the Terps will be headed to the the Military Bowl in exotic Washington DC this year.

With all due respect to the Military Bowl, they have the 8th choice of eligible ACC schools yet somehow, they are going to end up with the third best ACC team.  Maryland will drop to the Military Bowl because of the perception that our alumni don't "travel well".  This is utter crap.  Maybe we don't travel well (which is actually highly disputable) because our alumni are smart enough to know that these bowls are meaningless.  If the Military Bowl constituted the first round of an elimination Tournament, then Maryland would sell its allotment in 24 hours.

I'm so fed up with this system.  The Military Bowl is the last straw for me.  Between this bogus BCS system and the looming NCAA Basketball Tournament's expansion to 96 teams; the NCAA is self-destructing MLB-style and I haven't even mentioned Cam Newton's Dad yet!

Which brings us back to the root of the problem: money.  It's amazing how a collection of non-profit institutions can be corrupted by the almighty dollar. 
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