The Terrance Ross Question

12/14/2009 7:47:50 PM Let me preface this post by saying that there is no word that Terrence Ross has anything besides full intention to play for the Terps. His coach says he plans on going. He has a great relationship with Terrell Stoglin, who says he’s still coming, and there’s a place for him high in the rotation with Hayes and Vasquez leaving.

That being said, Ross is KILLING it so far this year. This is what’s National Recruiting Director Dave Telep said about him over the weekend:

“The last time we saw Ross was the end of last year’s high school season and he’s not the same guy. He played today with a purpose and intensity. He’s 6-6 and made 7 of 16 threes. He also took and made pull-ups and is a driving game away from really taking the next step. Apparently this hasn’t been his only big game and we saw a guy playing at an All-American level on Saturday.”

On the surface, how cool is that? I mean, we’ve been looking for a deep threat who can penetrate and create his own shot like Ross can for years. Greivis can’t shoot like Ross and Hayes can’t create like Ross either.

I saw a video of one of his games the other day, and if I could find it I would share it. He scored about 15 points in the first like 5 minutes of the game. It was insane. He was taking the ball upcourt and just pulling up and swishing three after three. He also had a sweet block and a few penetrating pull-up jumpers.

Which brings me to the typical nervous pessimist Terps fan in me: can’t you see Gary screwing this up? He might be upgraded to a five-star prospect by the end of the season. When was the last time we got one of those?

I know it’s 100 percent speculation at this point, but can’t you see him asking out of his commitment come January? If you were a recruit, wouldn’t it be nice to have schools like UNC and Kentucky and Kansas recruit you all of a sudden? It’s tempting for a kid who, remember, is only 18 (I think).

Just some food for thought. Have fun sleeping tonight.
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