The Outlook for Football Season: Part Three

8/6/2010 12:27:10 PM As AAU season keeps our optimism glands working at full capacity (Bino Ranson better earn his paycheck, Nick Faust-style) for basketball, our subconscious football thoughts are keeping our pessimism glands occupied. Also, we have glands for everything.

As promised, I'm going to do a list of all the relevant non-stars as the third part of this series. Each individual analysis will be shorter, but the list will be more exhaustive than the previous ones. Let's get started.

Adrian Moten and Demetrius Hartsfield - Each of these guys are worthy of their own section, but considering they're a tag-team OLB blitzing force to be reckoned with, they belong together. Moten lead the team with six sacks last year, and Hartsfield, a freshman, pitched in 3.5 of his own in an injury-shortened season while playing the second half with a cast/club on his hand. While these two don't have the stat-stuffing and star power of colleague Alex Wujciak, they are just as important to the Terps' defense as the wild-haired ILB. They will spend their Saturdays in the fall attacking the quarterback relentlessly from the edge, and will be the keys to Don Brown's blitzing scheme.

Cameron Chism - The junior cornerback will return as the Terps' top non-linebacker defensive player. After leading the team in interceptions with four last year, he will be counted on to lock down his side of the field while safeties Kenny Tate and Antwine Perez come up to stuff the run. Chism may be the key to the Terps improving their pass defense, ranked dead last in the ACC last year. He should improve on his interception totals, and will be called upon to lead an inexperienced group of DBs after losing seniors Terrell Skinner, Anthony Wiseman and Jamari McCullough.

Adrian Cannon and Ronnie Tyler - Another double-barreled section, this time the remaining two skulls that complete our three-headed monster at wideout with Torrey Smith. Cannon possesses fantastic size (6-2, 204) and has the potential to breakout this year as an elite possession receiver. He compiled 44 receptions this year, and I expect that number to climb above 50 this season with Robinson's arm stretching the field and opening up the underneath slant routes and button hooks that Cannon has perfected in his previous three years. Tyler is a shifty slot receiver who occasionally loses focus on balls (he has a propensity for drops on easy passes), but is capable of making breathtaking catches. At 5-11 185, he has ideal size for a slot man and should be productive in his junior year.

Davin Meggett - This fan favorite might just be the antithesis of his famous father, Dave (a personal Jet hero of mine). While the elder Meggett was known for his quicks on returns, Davin is known for his ability to run between the tackles and punish defenders, kind of like Thomas Jones. He won't break many big runs, but he rarely is stopped for a loss. He's an even more key part of the backfield now that Caleb Porzel is officially out as a Terp. He'll be needed to spell Da'Rel (not an easy task, there are random capital letters and even an apostrophe!) and keep chains moving. One of the strongest players on the team (fourth highest strength index on the team), he'll be key to any ground success the Terps have this year.
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