The Olexiy Len Era Begins

8/29/2011 1:03:59 PM As has been widely reported, the Terps have signed Ukranian phenom, Olexiy Len.  Len is somewhere between 6'11" and 7'2".  I'm not sure why there is a range; but I'm not complaining. 

He recently average 16 points and 11 boards per game at the U18 FIBA Europe Championships.  That's the same Tournament where Hawk Palsson averaged 20pts per game, so take those stats with an entire shaker of salt.  Nevertheless,he led the tournament in blocked shots and offensive rebounds. 

Will Mr. Len solve Maryland's interior problems? No. Will he be an improvement over Messrs. Pankey, Padgett, and Weijs?  Remains to be seen.  the Terps have so many open scholarships at the moment that Len could just be a one and done player who fully intends to go pro in Europe after next season.

That works fine with me because the Terps will have guys like Shaq Cleare and hopefully, Mitch McGary plying their trade in the paint in 2012.
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