The End Is Near

4/15/2010 10:12:33 AM I threw up in my mouth when I saw this:

The NCAA appears to determined to ruin college basketball. A 96-team field will render the regular season absolutely meaningless.  UNC at 5-11 in the ACC would have gotten in to the NCAA Tournament this year if 96 teams had been invited.  It is an absolute disgrace and it is virtually assured of happening.

As always, avarice is the culprit.  For a non-profit entity that refuses to let their participants get paid; the NCAA is about as greedy as they come.  This is happening because CBS's contract expired after the 2010 season.  Who cares if CBS (or hopefully someone else) would pay less next year for a 64 team field?  What are the consequences to member schools?  There are no salary considerations. The power conferences all have big TV deals.  Most schools have alumni who regularly contribute money.  When was the last time you sent a check to your favorite NFL team just because?  Donations to universities are also tax deductible (happy Tax Day by the way).  All this raises the question, why is the NCAA so damn greedy?  Have you ever seen another non-profit behave like this?

I have no answers other than the fact that the organization is run by a bunch  of pigs.
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