Texas Staying Put; NCAA Landscape Stabilizes (for now)

6/14/2010 6:14:39 PM Texas is staying put in the New Big 10 or the old Big 12 or whatever that are going to be called now.  That leaves the Pac-10 with 11 teams and looking for at least one more school.  The old Big 10 or new Big 12 could still be looking too; especially if Notre Dame comes calling.  We could still see a Big 16 that includes Notre Dame, Syracuse, Pitt, and potentially Maryland or Rutgers.  Such a switch now seems unlikely since Notre Dame seems content with its TV deal.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that this is over.  It's more like a stay of execution.  The need for greed will come back soon.  If it is not the conferences fucking with the rivalries and casting college basketball into the trash; then it will be the NCAA  expanding the tournament to 96 teams after 2011.

Apparently, having the perfect sporting event is just too much for some people to handle.
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