Terps vs Wisconsin Game Thread

11/25/2009 12:47:58 PM You know that you are at the center of the basketball world when the NCAA schedules your game at 430p of the biggest travel day of the year.

Despite the game being an afterthought in the minds of the rest of the country, this afternoon's game is hugely important for Maryland.

The Terps need to leave Maui with at least one win against a quality opponent. A road game (never a given in Bloomington no matter how bad the Hoosiers are) and a stiff test against a top 5 Villanova team loom next week. The Terps can't afford a loss today.

I've softened a bit after last night's disheartening performance. I knew the Terps were in trouble the second I laid eyes on Cincy's starting five. They were big and athletic and the Terps just aren't able to match up with those teams just yet.

Wisconsin figures to be different. The Badgers won't "out-athlete" Maryland. I like our chances but we need to shoot the ball better.

Tip-off approaches. Enjoy the game if you aren't on your way to or from an airport.

Oh and happy Thanksgiving everyone.
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