Terps vs. Seattle University Game Thread

11/8/2010 10:02:18 AM I realize I still owe a "Part II" of my season preview; but I ran out of time and the season has crept up on me.

The new-look 2010-11 Terps kick off their season tonight with what should be a tune-up game.

Despite a storied history that dates back to the 1950s, Seattle University is relatively new to Division I.  The school is currently an unaffiliated independent; but they have designs on building a national program now that the Sonics have left Seattle.

The Redhawks are coached by former UCLA point guard, Cameron Dollar.  It seems like yesterday that Dollar was a player; but apparently, he's been an assistant for seven years before taking the head coaching gig.

I expect the Terps to roll over Seattle.  Even if we blowout the Redhawks; we need to look for the classic telltale hallmarks of a good team:

- Assist to turnover ratio:  This is a huge question mark.  The Terps are losing all of their ballhandlers from last season.  Adrian Bowie is a senior and he should have the lead role.  Any warning signs against Seattle (more than 3 TOs for Bowie) will not bode well for the rest of the season.
- Rebounding margin:  J Will and company should dominate the smaller Redhawks.  If we can't do it against the small schools then we will be trouble when we play the big boys.
- 3PT shooting: Tucker, Bowie, Stoglin, Howard, and Parker.  We've got shooters.  Can they knock them down when it matters?
- FT Shooting:  J Will must improve. Padgett can't be a liability here.  What about the freshman?  Howard and Stoglin will have the ball in their hands and they will need to knock it down from the stripe in order to protect leads.  They need to get out on the right foot tonight.

It's finally here.  The season is upon us.  Go Terps!
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