Terps vs. Maine Thread and UVA Recap

11/13/2010 9:56:18 PM There is no rest for the weary Terps blogger these days.  The football team delivers an inspiring (yes, I said inspiring) win today against rival UVA and tomorrow, the Terps basketball team has a final "tune up" before heading to NYC for some big tests at the end of the week.

Maine returns 11 players from last year's squad and is coming off a 71-66 OT win vs Utah Valley State.  Many analysts are picking Maine to win their conference, so the Terps can ill afford to sleep on the Bears.

However, I think it safe to say that Maine will not pose nearly the kind of threat that the experienced College of Charleston brought to College Park last week.

I'm looking for a 20+ point win, but will take anything as long as the Terps are able to work on some of the issues they've had thus far (namely FT and 3PT shooting).

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the football team.  With two home games left, the Terps are in position to secure their first ever bid to the ACC Championship Game.

The Terps have two very tough games left and anything they are able to achieve should be considered icing on the cake.  It looks like the FSU game will be nationally televised so the Terps have an opportunity to showcase their return to prominence.

It's doable.  FSU has more talent; but Danny O'Brien is getting better every game and the Terps are talented at the skill positions.  FSU leads the nation in sacks, so it will take the game of the year from our offensive line.

Get ready Terp fans. November 18-20 is nirvana with two delectable basketball games followed by the biggest football game in three years.

Could this be the November to remember?
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