Terps vs. Hokies Game Thread

11/6/2008 3:54:18 PM It's been a nice week of basketball talk here on the Soup, and I must say I've got some cautious optimism for the upcoming season.  Like most years, I expect the team to get better as the season goes on when roles are determined and we find out whether Vazquez has decided to be generous to our opponents once again.

But with our first exhibition game two days away, we have a more pressing game to worry about tonight.  The Terps head into enemy territory to face a team they have yet to beat.  This will not be an easy game, but because it has the feel of a big time game against a big time opponent, I'm confident the Terps will come out and play well.  Then again, I expected the Redskins to play well on Monday, so who the hell knows?!

The key for Maryland is simple.  Protect the ball.  We all remember the Thursday night games in the past against Va. Tech and WVU where we fumbled kickoffs and threw horrible interceptions.  Things will not always go our way, but the team must fight through the adversity that is likely to occur and do what they do best.  Run the ball and get it to Heyward-Bey.  There is no excuse not to get our best playmakers the ball tonight.  Those are the guys who will get it done. 

The defense is banged up and while the Hokies offense is not the juggernaut they have been in the past, the defense has to make some plays.  It doesn't really matter who will play QB for Tech.  Whichever guy they go with will not be 100%.  If our front 4 can get a pass rush, we'll be in great shape, but it makes sense to.... listening Chris Cosh.... BLITZ!!!   Not all the time, but enough to get some pressure.

In all but one of our wins (Clemson), the Terps scored early in the game to take a lead.  This would be huge tonight to not only take the crowd out of the game, but to give the team some confidence. 

Folks, I have no idea what to expect tonight.  I can see us win a close game or get blown out.  Let's hope we can get Da'Rel Scott on the field, as the running game is probably the most important thing we need to have right in order to win.

Let the game begin.
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