Terps vs Bucknell Thread

11/14/2008 7:03:14 PM Hey folks! Welcome to the 2008-09 basketball season.  Tipoff could not come at a worse time for me(7pm CT on a Friday???).  As you all know, I'm Comcast SportsNet Mid Atlantic-LESS; so I will only get to watch this if I can convince my wife that cowering over a computer watching my slingbox's grainy video is the best way to spend a Friday night.

I'll try my best at running commentary, but no promises.  I trust that there will be pleny of commentary underneath this thread to satisy your needs to commiserate.

My prediction?  Call me crazy, but I feel a blowout.  I think the athletes of Maryland put on a show.  This won't prove we are better than people think; but it will open up the possibility.  Terps by 25-30 points.


900PM CT

Do I know this team or what?  The Terps won by 29 points-- right within my predicted range.  I decided not to keep a running log of the game.  I thought it was way too pathetic to actively blog about a game I was wantching on the CBS Gametracker.  Even I have my limits. 

After starting 3-17; the terps finished 27-53 or just over 50%.  Cliff Tucker, Landon Milbourne led the way offensively and the Terps limited their total turnovers to 11.  By way of contrast; last season's Terp squad opened up against N. Florida and they committed more than 20 turnovers.  Bucknell is better than N. Florida. 

Looking at the box score; I'm concerned that took the Terps 35 minutes of game time before they got the edge in rebounding.  Methinks the Terps will struggle all year with the glass but hopefully steals and forcing turnovers will keep the number of shots even against better opponents. 

All four guards (GV, EH, SM, and AB) notched at least 3 assists with Vasquez leading the way with 6.  

Only Milbourne and Vasquez played more than 20 minutes while a total of 11 Terps played at least 10 minutes.  I think this will be Gary's plan all year.  The Terps will try to wear opponents down by throwing 11 athletes at them. 

The Terps are much different than last year. Look for them to get stronger as the game wears on as opposed to fading down the stretch. 

As far as debuts go; that was as good as Terp fan could hope for.  Now let's see the football team take to the Tarheels tomorrow.
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