Terps Visit Georgia Tech

2/24/2012 10:12:13 PM

 The Terps travel to the worst team in the ACC this afternoon with a chance to get to .500 in the conference.  It's been a hard road for Turgeon and the Terps.  There have been injuries, suspensions, and a non-existent student body.  Yet, they've persevered.  

The most encouraging sign to me is that the Terps played a complete game replete with Terrell Stoglin sharing the ball.  If you still hold out hope of the Terps making the Dance; that's the only way forward.  Stoglin has kept the Terps in every game this year and without him, they'd be nowhere. 

Speaking of nowhere, Georgia Tech is headed in that direction.  The Terps are better than the Yellowjackets in virtually every facet of the game.  There is no excuse for the Terps walking out of Atlanta with anything but a win.  If the Terps get there; we can start talking about the dream that would be taking down UNC in Chapel Hill next week.

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