Terps v Clemson Game Thread

10/15/2010 12:00:00 AM

In my mind, today’s game can only be defined in one way. Win or lose,  if the Terps play well; they will remain relevant in the eyes of fans and alumni.  A blowout or demoralizing loss and it is on to basketball season for the faithful.  Terp fans have always been a fickle bunch; but the Football team’s bandwagon is poised for a mass exodus.

I sincerely hope it doesn’t happen.  Historically, we’ve played well in Death Valley.  I just have little faith in the coaching staff and I think that Clemson’s talent will make it impossible to hide James Franklin’s incompetence.

Clemson has played a tough schedule and their record demonstrates that they are still learning how to win.  Maryland could surprise. At the very least, I expect the Terps to start better than they did against West Virginia.  That was an embarrassment.  A repeat performance would set the program back significantly.

In the end, we should hope to be close heading into the 4th quarter and hope to get lucky down the stretch.  A win and we all get to care about football for the rest of the season.

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