Terps Unleash Beantown Beatdown!

1/16/2010 5:21:14 PM I can't remember the last time I sat down to watch the Terps in an ACC game, let alone a road game, and was able to just enjoy it from start to finish. For the most part, I think we all did that on Saturday afternoon. How nice it was.

Now that's 2 out of 3 games we have pretty much dominated an opponent. I will take that the rest of the way.

Kudos to the Terps defense as they were really the story. They started strong and did not let up, even when the game got out of hand. The Terps had 12 steals and forced 18 turnovers. Even more impressive, they scored over 20 points on those turnovers. I realize that we got outrebounded 40-28, but it didn't seem that much of a difference. I guess when you shoot 49% from the field and play great defense, you can afford to lose the boards battle.

The offense had 4 players in double figures and nobody took more than 13 shots. That was key. Can some of you not see the difference between Vasquez in a game like this and a game like Tuesday night? Again, I do not think he is selfish and I do not solely blame him for the loss against Wake, but when he plays under control, the entire team is better. By my count, Vaz took 1 bad shot against BC. And I can more than live with that.

Here's an example of a great play: In the second half, the Terps made a steal and were on a 4-on-1 break. They found Vaz for an open 3. That's a great shot. And he drilled it. And even if he missed, there were 3 guys there for a rebound. That is much better shot selection than in the past. Plus, Vaz was great slashing to the hoop for his patented floaters. That is GV at his best.

And how about the bench play. Great confidence builders for Tucker and Bowie. Tucker was 5-6 from the field and perfect with 3 triples. He dove on the floor to get loose balls and held his own on defense. That is the Tucker we all know and if he can just find some semblence of consistency, he can really do some damage.

Our quickness was just overwhelming. Bowie took some bad shots as usual, but looked a lot more like a Division 1 player and a contributing one as well. You could just see the confidence he had. He was very good and hopefully he can keep it up.

And to think. If we could actually have hit a layup, we could have been up by 35 at some point. That stuff will come back to haunt us, but it's nice to get away with it and still win by a ton.... on the road.

I was proud of the way the team responded early in the 2nd half. They stopped doing what worked on offense late in the first and saw that 18 point lead dwindle to 10. BC had some momentum at the half, but the Terps quickly used their defense to stop that cold. Again, that is 3 straight games they took a shot from their opponent and responded. It did not translate into a win Tuesday, but they have shown a lot more mental toughness in the last week.

Now what does this win prove? It proves that we have a good team. Not a great team, but a good team. We have the talent to make a run in a wide open ACC. There are a lot of good teams in the conference, but not a whole lot of great ones. After another cupcake this week, we are back to the grind and a clear must win against NC State next weekend followed by a big one against Miami at home. Getting to 4-1 is a must heading to Clemson and then perhaps we can roll in there with some momentum of our own. They can't let up and with the seniors we have, I don't think they will. There will be rough shooting nights, and I'm sure more missed layups (JW, please learn to dunk it!!!), but what this past week has taught us is we have the horses to get it done.
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