Terps to Play Elon College Tonight

11/26/2010 10:08:23 AM Happy Thanksgiving folks.  I'm back in the Free State for a couple of days; but unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to Comcast tonight for the epic Elon battle. 

These cupcake games are important for building the confidence of our bench players.  In particular; I'd like to see Weijs and Padgett play a little more.  Neither are quite ready for prime time; but we need to get solid minutes from one or both of them once we start playing the better opponents. Both have shown flashes.  In fact, I think with 15 lbs of muscles added; Berend Weijs is a legitimate ACC Center.

I'm also looking for a bit of a bounce back game for Jordan Williams.  It's clear that he was not at his best against Delaware State.

Tucker continues his solid breakthrough season.  The best part of Tucker's improvement is how complete it is.  He is now a good defender and he consistently brings it on the offensive end.  He is no longer forcing shots or looking at the bench when he misses.  His jumper is rock solid. He is Drew Nicholas reincarnated.

With some big games on the docket next week (Penn State and Temple); I'd like to see the Terps establish a big lead against Elon AND maintain that lead. If they are able to accomplish that; I will feel much better as we continue our never ending tour of the Pennsylvania schools next week. (For the record, we play Pitt, Penn State, Temple and, Villanova this year.)

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