Terps To Entertain Carolina

2/4/2012 9:20:30 AM

Surely, today's game at Comcast is the last chance the Terps have to get a signature win. The road in the ACC has proven quite treacherous for the Terps and I expect it will continue to be.  Comcast, on the other hand, has seen the best of what the Terps have to offer.  If we discount the early season under manned loss to Illinois; the Terps have only fallen at home to Duke. 

Why can't the Terps give UNC a game?  They can.  The Terps have played with everyone this year.  They've just lacked the crunch time poise that is required to win close games.  It's always something with them.  Whether it be turnovers or free throw shooting, the Terps falter down the stretch.

Mark Turgeon will host one of his mentors, Roy Williams, today.  Much will be made of that, but I could care less.  Turge wants a W and so do I.  No one expected the Terps to contend this year and they aren't; but a win today and the Terps would regain some momentum and can continue to believe in a postseason berth.

Will it happen?  Doubtful, but the Terps have played well against Carolina recently, so anything is possible.

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