Terps Tackle Irish - Preview And Thread

12/4/2011 9:05:20 AM Terps played tough but ultimately fell short against Illinois during the week.  Now another big non-conference opponent comes to DC to take on the Terps.  The Irish are not Illinois.  In fact, Notre Dame has looked poor against quality teams this year.

To wit, Missouri and Gonzaga have beaten Notre Dame by a combined 59 points (87-58 and 73-53 respectively).  The Terps have their own pair of blowout losses, but it's clear that Notre Dame has struggled thus far.

The Terps have a chance.  We've seen improvements throughout the year.  The key for Maryland will be to sustain their effort for 40 minutes.   The losses to Iona and Illinois both contained atrocious second halves.  These second half swoons clearly are due to having only 7 scholarship players available.

The Terps are improving.  Despote the swoons, the Terps have looked better.  Today's game represents the Terps last chance before the ACC season to get a good win. Notre Dame is ripe for a loss.  As a team, the Irish shoot 43% from the field.  They are also in the bottom half of the NCAA in rebounding.  Bad shooting + Bad rebounding = bad team.

The Terps need this one.

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