Terps Squander Stoglin's Mastery

2/15/2011 7:53:25 PM For all intents and purposes, the season is now over.  NIT here we come.  Adrian Bowie, Cliff Tucker, and Sean Mosley have gotten worse as the season has progressed.  They have been terrible in this last stretch of games.

Despite their dreadful performances; the Terps were in this game to the end thanks to the dazzling play of Terrell Stoglin.  Unfortunately, Gary Williams' coaching was not up to the task.  Every time that Williams switched to that toothless zone; Virginia Tech went on a run.  The only reason, as I could tell, was that Gary was trying to protect Jordan Williams from foul trouble.  How stupid. 

It is hard to blame the zone on the disgraceful offensive rebounding disparity.  The Terps gave up 11 and garnered only 4.  Malcolm Delaney had as many offensive rebounds as the entire Maryland team.

We did learn that beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Terps best four players are Jordan Williams, Terrell Stoglin, Pe'Shon Howard, and Dino Gregory.  Hawk Palsson is probably number five.  With all the freshman and sophomores on this list, the Terps are a team of the future.

As for our seniors, it seems like it can't end soon enough; both for them and for us.
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