Terps Rout UVa in Charlottesville 66-42

1/27/2011 7:43:35 PM Maryland recorded it largest margin of victory in Charlottesville since 1930. The most impressive part was the defensive effort. UVA scored a meager 42 points.  Of course, UVA missed open shots; but the Terps didn't give them many.  If the Terps can sustain this effort; they will win in Atlanta on Sunday.

Another important piece of tonight's victory is that the Terps played well and got little in the way of scoring from Jordan Williams (4pts).  UVA doubled JW at every opportunity.  Williams was able to pass out of the double team and Maryland's guards were able to sink the open shots.  Stoglin, Howard, and particularly Bowie were stellar.

The Terps now have three 20+ point road wins.  When was the last time that happened?  This is such a weird season.  The Terps barely competed against VaTech at home and now we look dominant on the road. I can't figure it; but Gary Williams needs to build on this momentum.

Georgia Tech is imminently winnable, but dangerous.  With Duke looming next week, the Terps could overlook the Yellowjackets.  GT has proved frisky at home and will be ready to play.

A win on Sunday and I can start to see our way into the Tournament.  The Terps have now proven they can compete on the road consistently.  The freshman have been playing well and contributing.  The seniors are starting to lead.  They look like a team.  It's onto the next must-win game: Georgia Tech.
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