Terps Open Football Season vs FIU

8/31/2013 8:45:54 AM The prognosticators don't know exactly what to make of the Terps final season in the ACC. Surely, Maryland will have better luck and less injuries.  CJ Brown is the undisputed starter.  Far be from me to question the coaching staff about that decision since I haven't been at practice or seen any of our QBs throw a pass all summer.  That said, I do remember the QB "stylings" of CJ Brown from  year's past.  He's a run-first guy with a penchant for throwing one-hoppers to wideouts.  Edsall has plenty of options however and obviously feels that CJ has the right mix of experience and skill to lead the team.

I'm behind that decision (for now).  If the strategy fails, Edsall does have plenty of options to turn to.  Perry Hills showed promise last year and his toughness is unquestioned.

Last year's edition was one of the youngest teams in Maryland history, and while this team will still be young (read: not a lot of senior starters), they will be much more experienced (and better).

Defensively, Maryland lost a ton of top level starters (Vellano, Francis, et. al.) but the scheme is the same and the coaching staff feels like they can just plug and play with last year's understudies.  I tend to agree and I'm cautiously optimistic that the Terps defense will be stout this year.

FIU poses not much of a test and neither will Old Dominion next week. It also appears that Connecticut could be pretty terrible after getting drubbed by Towson State earlier this week.  Still it's a road game so nothing is guaranteed. 

As per usual, the real early season test will come at the hands of West Virginia. That game will be played in Baltimore.  Kudos to Maryland for finding a way to get a Baltimore game back on the schedule.  It's been a while and more alumni live there than anywhere else. 

The schedule this season is a manageable one.  Regardless of the outcome of the West Virginia game, I see the Terps poised to record 8 wins this season.  Those being the aforementioned FIU, ODU, and UConn rounded out by UVA, Wake, Syracuse, BC and NC State. 

I don't see any way through ACC stalwarts Florida State, VaTech, and Clemson. Those are three guaranteed losses.  Everything else is winnable.

Go Terps.

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