Terps Mauled In Columbus

1/29/2015 7:42:32 PM How bad was it??

We will drop out of the top 25 with a blowout loss on national tv. no doubt there. 3 straight games with double-digit deficits in the second half. No inside play at all. the big 3 (Layman, Melo and Wells) shot 7 for 30. 7 for 30. The whole team quit at the under 8 timeout. They have to sit with this loss for a week. If they lose to Penn State, look at below.

Dodd, Graham, and Ceko just can't get it done down low and if Melo can't get to the hole because he's get double-teamed, there aren't many options.

I'm too disgusted to give a full breakdown, but the season appears to be on the brink. If they can't right the ship, they won't hold serve at home and certainly won't win another game on the road. If Turgeon can fix the problems, they can win a bunch more games and take us on a ride to the Sweet 16. That may happen but it is hard to see that from here.

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