Terps Hit New Low

3/2/2011 7:16:02 PM Every time Maryland loses at Miami, it feels like the program is at rock bottom.  Somehow, tonight's loss feels even worse.  Consider:
  • There were 500 fans at the game.  If it is any solace; the ACC has sunk farther as a conference than the Terps have as a program.
  • Gary got out coached again.  The zone got Maryland back in the game as it temporarily threw Miami off; but predictably, he stayed with it for WAY too long.  Miami has four guys who can hit 3s.  You cannot stay in a zone against them.  They shot right over the zone and that was it.
  • Jordan Williams looked AWFUL tonight.  He's the future of the program and he could not hit a layup.  He was 3-17 from the field.  If you were worried about him going pro, you can forget it now.
  • Terrell Stoglin and Jordan Williams are not meshing well.  As Stoglin emerged as a scorer; it seems Williams has fallen back. 1+1 does not equal 2; it seems to equal 1.5.  That scares the crap out of me for next season.
  • Maryland's at-large hopes are over and the regular season hasn't even ended.  That hasn't happened in the regular season since 1992.  In each of the Terps NIT appearances this decade, the Terps had a chance to play their way in to the Tournament with a good showing in the ACCT.  Not this year.  They have to win the whole thing to get in.
I'm a big Gary Williams supporter; but this has not been his finest hour.  His current seniors are a daily reminder of his poor recruiting. He's been exposed several times this year for sticking with certain tactics too long.

The upcoming off-season is will be the most challenging of Gary's career. He'll need to make major headway on the recruiting front because the Terps need a marquee signing to maintain relevance nationally.  Gary will need to figure out how to get his best two players to work together and the incoming freshman will need to provide an immediate boost.

Patience is running thin in College Park.  If the Terps find themselves on the bubble next year; the voices calling for new blood will become louder and louder. 
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