Terps Eviscerate Tarheels

2/7/2010 4:46:35 PM Maryland asked all the right questions today of the Tarheels.  The Terps dared UNC to beat our press. For the most part, they could not. We forced them to execute in the half court.  They could not.

It can be argued that UNC is "down" this year.  Whatever.  They start two seniors, both of whom were more highly recruited than any of the Maryland seniors.  This season defines the essence of the Williamses.  Gary is a great game coach who gets the most out of his talent.  Roy is a great recruiter who can't beat a dead mule without superior talent.  Maybe the great recruiter will wind up with more Championships; but I'm with the great game coach.  When will the HOF realize that Gary's bust needs to be installed in Springfield?

Before I digress, let's get back to today's game.  The seniors, Mibourne, Hayes, and Vasquez all played like seniors.  Vasquez was sublime.  He scored 26 points effortlessly and dished out dimes as if he was working at a cash register.  Eight games into the ACC season and he is the player of year.  There is no doubt.  No one means more to his team and the Terps are in a virtual tie for first place.  The discussion is over.  If Duke sweeps us (I almost bit my tongue off writing that), and Scheyer soundly outplays Vasquez while doing it; then he overtakes Greivis. Otherwise, Greivis is the POY.

Milbourne has redefined his game in the back half of the year.  He is a complete player. He has the best mid range jumper I've seen in years.  He can finish in traffic and he can rebound when it matters (see Florida State).  But his most impressive attribute has been his defense.  He blocks the shots of bigger men.  He is all over the place in the half court.  He's been phenomenal.

When Eric Hayes is hot from deep, the Terps won't lose this year.  It just won't happen.  He adds an extra dimension to the offense that makes the Terps nearly impossible to stop.  If he is able to find his shot in March, we will go far. Mark the tape.

A new AP and Coaches Poll comes out on Monday.  Have the Terps earned a ranking?  I believe so.  16-6 overall and 6-2 in the ACC is impossible to ignore.  Apparently, we lack a signature win; but we don't have a signature loss either (stop losing William and Mary!).  Personally, I think the RPI matters more. I'd like to see the Terps in the Top 20 heading into the dance.  That should give us a seeding with a good chance to get to the second weekend.

OK, I'm getting ahead of myself.  UVA comes to town on Wednesday and they are a solid team.  They have beaten many of the teams that we have and almost beat Wake the other night. UVA hates Maryland and won't look past the Terps.

It would be insanity to think that Terps would get careless and start taking their success for granted. Gary knows UVA is dangerous and with the annual 5 vs. 8 (5 Dukies + 3 officials) coming up in Cameron on Saturday, we need a win.

The next eight games will be tougher than the previous eight, but we are in the right frame of mind and playing the best basketball of the year.  Bring on the UVAs, Dukes, and Techs.
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