Terps Edge Wake In Uninspiring Victory 19-14

10/6/2012 9:29:52 PM A few quick observations:

  • The Offensive Line is awful.  The routinely get blown up on the line of scrimmage on run plays and miss assignments on passing plays.  It's really ugly
  • Maryland's defense is borderline elite.  Seriously.  Wake is a decimated team but they did nothing outside of the first play of the game.  If not for the gift turnover that helped them get the lead in the second half; Wake would have had nothing for the final 59 minutes of game time.  It was impressive.  We'll see how they fare when some of the better ACC offenses come to play, but for now they look fantastic.
  • Stephon Diggs needs the ball more.  Yes, he is a bit turnover prone but he's the most talented guy in the locker room and needs the ball on every offensive possession.
  • Our punter sucks
  • Edsall's late game strategy is 'play not to lose' and it is stupid.  First of all, when you score to go up 19-14 wit 5 minutes to go, you go for 2 points.  Always.  Kicking makes no sense in that situation.  Secondly, when it is 4th down with 15 seconds to play, you kick the FG to go up by 8 points.  Turning the ball over on downs makes no sense.  And if you do decide to go for it, throw it into the end zone at least! The clock is stopping either way.  Bottom line.  He's an idiot.

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