Terps Cruise Past Georgia Tech 77-61

1/4/2014 8:26:12 PM Wasn't it nice to watch a game where the Terps were the one with the big lead and fending off attempts to cut into the margin rather than the other way around? 

The Terps played fantastically in the first half.  All 9 guys in the rotation contributed and Georgia Tech had no answer.  The second half was different but this team isn't used to playing with a big lead and it is easy to understand the lapses.  Anyone complaining about that is picking nits.

It's time to bring Nick Faust in from the cold.  He's been sensational the last three games.  I don't know if it is his new role off the bench, coaching from Juan Dixon or a combination of the two, but Faust is finally starting to play like we knew he could.  It is so obvious that it all comes down to shot selection for him.  When he plays smart, his talent takes over and he becomes a killer.  My favorite play of his was late in the second half, during a fast break he caught a pass out on the wing, faked the three and passed it away so the team could set up the offense.  Five games ago, he was jacking that shot.  He's learning.

Seth Allen's arrival has settled the rest of the squad into their natural roles.  It's been great to see. Even Shaq Cleare showed some life today and made some nice shots. 

Unfortunately, this team has little margin for error given the early losses but they look like a team to be reckoned with.  Monday poses a huge test against Pitt.  Pitt is an excellent team and their building is a tough place to play.  A win and we'll be in dreamland. 

Realistically, I think we should hope for a split out the next two games.  After Pitt, the Terps travel to FSU and we've haven't had much luck down there.  That said, we should have beaten FSU twice last year so we owe them and the Terps shouldn't be afraid.

I'm marking the tape.  Nine more regular season wins and the Terps are dancing.

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