Terps Cruise 75-54 Over IUP

11/3/2009 8:44:53 PM Maryland cruised to victory tonight.  At times, the Terps lacked the intensity we came to expect from them last year.  At one point Hayes got pick-pocketed at halfcourt a la Steve Blave vs. Jason Williams in 2001. The Terps shot 2-12 from three.

I didn't get to see much of Padgett, but Williams looked good and displayed a nice touch from the FT line.  Mosley blew a layup or two bringing back a rush of bad memories.  Milbourne and Vasquez looked as solid as ever. Maryland committed only one turnover in the second half.

Overall, it is hard to expect Maryland to come out guns blazing.  Gary is busy integrating two freshman into the rotation and it now it appears that Dino Gregory's status is in question.

Gregory did not suit up for "violating team rules"; but there are rumors swirling around the program that one of the players has been declared ineligible.  Nothing official has come down from the University and one hopes it is much ado about nothing.  Maryland can ill afford to lose any of its front line players especially one with experience.

I guess we will find out soon enough.  Maryland's season starts on November 13th against Charleston Southern.

The exhibition game was not the only event that concerned Maryland basketball tonight. As you all know, ESPN aired its documentary about the death of Len Bias.

I'm not sure how many of you saw or even remember Bias; but he was a sight to behold.  His story still grabs me after all these years.  In part, it stems from how invincible he seemed in life and how helpless he was in death.

As I listened to his family recount the tragedy; those old emotions began to bubble to the surface. Lenny's death will always evoke painful memories for me.  Of course, I never knew him personally.  I never knew his family either.  But his story changed me forever.

We've all taken unnecessary risks that could have had serious repercussions had we not been lucky enough to survive those choices.  I'd like to think that because of Lenny; I've taken less of those risks than I would have had he not not died on that tragic night.
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