Terps Can't Put NC State Away But Win Anyway

3/10/2011 7:21:51 PM NC State shot 2-17 from three.  That won't happen tomorrow against Duke. NC State took a whopping 80 shots. The Terps actually outrebounded NC State 43-42; but State had 17 offensive rebounds to Maryland's 10.  The Terps also turned the ball over 15 times to State's 8. 

If NC State could shoot worth a lick; we'd have gotten blown out of the gym.  Terrell Stoglin and Pe'Shon Howard played like freshman combining for 6 turnovers.  At one point, Stoglin was jawing with Ryan Harrow while he (Stoglin) was shooting a free throw.  Not to be outdone, Pe'Shon threw two no look passes to no one in particular.

In other news, Sean Mosley and Cliff Tucker still can't make layups and Jordan is still forcing things. 

There is nothing that happened this evening that gives me any hope that Maryland can beat Duke tomorrow.  The Terps will need to play their best game of the year.  One thing is for sure, a much smarter team will have to show up tomorrow to have any hope of that.
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