Terps Beat #18 FSU Handily 77-68

1/10/2010 8:18:40 PM The Terps finally have a big win.  Granted, it was at home and against arguably the worst coach in the ACC; but the Terps are undefeated in the ACC.

As a Ravens fan; I'm used to big Terp diasppointments when they share a weekend with a Ravens playoff game.  Not today.  I can't recall the last time my two favorite teams both won huge games on the same day so I am going to savor this one.

As others have mentioned; the Terps really could win their next  5 games.  At Wake, at BC, home vs. Longwood, home vs. NC State, and home vs. Miami.  The Terps won't be favored in every game, but they will be for most of them.  Simply, January is do or die for Maryland.  The schedule gets much tougher after that.  We need to make as much hay now as we can. 15-4 or 14-5 or bust!

Some other observations from the game:

  • MD shot 10-16 from 3PT range and outrebounded FSU 40-34. Those statistics are simply astounding.  If that were to happen every game (which it clearly won't), MD would go undefeated the rest of season.

  • How bad a coach is Leonard Hamilton?  When the Terps were up 7 with over 1 minute left in the game, he let his team play defense for 30 seconds before fouling.  He always has tons of talent on his roster and his teams never finish .500 in the ACC.  Why is he able to recruit when he can't coach?

  • I'm changing James Padgett's first name to Mo', as in I need to see mo' of him.  I have a fever and the cure is Mo' Padgett. He does all the little things that the Terps so desperately need.  Rebounding and defense are his primary directives.  He gives us the size we need and he can run the floor.  I love the guy.

  • J Will held his own against the ACC's top front court.  He was a rebounding force in the second half.  I don't care that he only scored 3 points. Despite first half foul trouble, J WIll was able to notch 7 boards in only 18 minutes of floor time.  This bodes well for the rest of the season.

  • Every time I think of Adrian Bowie bringing the ball up the court next season as our senior point guard; a part of me dies inside.  He is dreadful.  Completely lost on the court. May God have mercy on his soul.

  • I hope that Cliff Tucker can continue to give us consistent scoring from the bench.  That would prevent some the Maryland-patented droughts that have plagued us the last few years.

  • Vasquez played his best half of the season down the stretch; but he is sooo streaky. He dropped something like a 2 for 10 in the first half and finished 8-18.  Most of his shots in the second were in the flow of the offense but he did have that stop and pop with 33 seconds on the shot clock that made me want to jump through the TV and strangle him.  I don't care that he made the shot.  It was the classic "No, no, yes!" shot.  The problem is that those rarely go in and almost never do they go in on the road.  Our senior leader needs to make better decisions.

  • Tonight's win was nice; but I'm not satisfied. For this to be a good week, MD will have to get at least one road victory against either BC or Wake.  Both are doable, but for once,  I'd like to be playing with house money and see a big win against Wake on Tuesday.

2-0 is doable.  The team is chock full of seniors.  It's time to go out and get it done.
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