Terps Are An NIT Team

2/12/2011 4:26:42 PM Today's game was lost in 2007.  You see, that was the year that Cliff Tucker, Adrian Bowie, and Dino Gregory came to campus. Of that illustrious group, Dino is the only one in the class who has improved during his time on campus.  If this were the 1990s, none of these kids would have even sniffed a campus visit, let alone play a combined 75 minutes in a crucial conference game.

Everyone seems to be focusing their ire on Cliff Tucker, and deservedly so. He was gawd-awful.  Here's his line:

15 mins, 0-4 FG, 0-3 3PT, 3 RBs, 3 TOs, 0 points

Way to show up for the biggest game of your career, Cliff!

But enough about Tucker.  Bowie was nearly as bad. 

22 mins, 2-8 FG, 1-3 3PT, 3 RBs, 1 ST, 5 points

As for their counterpart in suckitude, Sean Mosley, he can't hit layups and he can't hit threes.  He's horrible.  There is a reason they call the "little things" the little things.  Not being able to score is more damaging to a team, than all of the box outs, steals, and defensive plays combined.  It's not hard to defend the Terps when defenders can collapse off Mosley because he has no chance of hitting an open jumper.

Tucker, Bowie, and Sean Mosley are not ACC quality players.  It's been obvious for years, but fans have been talking themselves in to their talents and dismissing their weaknesses.  No more. 

It's time for these guys to ride the pine.  I'd rather the Terps cast their lot in with the freshman and see what they can deliver.  Bowie and Stoglin both played well today; but then again, can we expect a combined 5-7 3PT from them every game? 

Sure, the Terps can run the table and still get into the dance, but I don't want to talk about that now.  What's the point in fantasy talk?

Next year seems to be a less depressing topic.  Stoglin is averaging the same amount of points during his freshman campaign as Jordan Williams did in his.  That's reason for optimism.  I have high hopes for Nick Faust as he could provide the necessary dynamism to take some pressure of Jordan Williams.

4 NITs in 8 years.  Gary Williams doesn't deserve all of the blame; but he sure as hell deserves some of it.  I've said it once and I'll say it again. Billy Hahn served as Gary's assistant from 1989 - 2001 also known as the golden age of Terp basketball.  As soon as Hahn left, the quality of the recruiting has gone into the toilet.  These are facts and they are undeniable.  Maybe people should be talking about Billy Hahn getting inducted in the Basketball Hall of Fame.
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