Terps Advance To Round Of 32

3/21/2015 8:37:59 AM Man, that Valpo game was incredibly frustrating to watch.  I'm not going to lie.  I avoided public places because I knew this game would be close and I didn't want to have a conniption fit in public.  As it was, I destroyed a water bottle and may or may not have beaten a pillow on my couch to a bloody pulp. Yes. I'm a grown man. It's shameful.

Maryland could not put Valpo away which has become a common theme this year.  The officials didn't help at all.  Their performance was incompetent. The missed goaltending, erroneous foul call on Dodd followed by a tech on Dodd changed the dynamic of the game.  The Terps were pushing the lead towards double digits and the refs just let Valpo back in it. Inexusable.

Of course, Varun Ram got all arm on the last sequence which could have resulted in three foul shots.  No call. Whatever.  Maryland was the better team and we advanced. The refs incompetence didn't excuse what was a relatively timid performance by the Terps. They can't seem to string together 10 or 15 minutes of good consistent play.

We advance despite getting nothing from Jake Layman.  It was as if Evan Smotrcyz decided to take the shots normally reserved for Layman.  It reminded me of when the stand-in plays the lead role when the star is sick on Broadway.  It looks similar but it is not the same. It's worse.  Much worse. "Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight the shots normally taken by Jake Layman will instead be taken by Evan Smotrcyz. We apologize for any inconvenience."

I don't think we can beat WVU without Jake Layman playing well. It will be too easy to just double Melo and Wells and force shaky threes from Smotcryz and Pack.  Dodd never met a pass he couldn't bobble and is way too clumsy to be trusted.  We need a third option. Nickens isn't ready to assume that role and even so, he's dependent on being open and receiving a pass. He can't create a scoring chance.

If Layman does not extract his head from his rear end, we will be faced with the unimaginable: The Hillbilly Super Bowl. West Virginia vs Kentucky. The Hatfields vs The McCoys. I want to throw up thinking about it. 

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