Terp Heartbreaker, Lucious, Charged With DUI

8/31/2010 6:21:33 PM Michigan State Spartan, Korie Lucious, has been charged with DUI.  I will never forget how this kid plunged a dagger into my heart 4 1/2 months ago.  There is a part of me that will always despise this kid for beating the Terps, but I would never wish him ill.  I hope this is nothing more than a youthful indiscretion and not a larger problem.

My guess is that as time goes on, Lucious will become a Jeffrey Maier type.  A name that is more or less forgotten by the victorious fan base, but reviled by the vanquished fans.  Only time will tell.

Football season gets underway this week so be a lookout for a season preview.
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