Temple Primer And Game Thread

12/4/2010 9:28:27 PM Before I get going, I'd like to thank the athletic department at Maryland for scheduling the Terps game during the Ravens-Steelers Sunday Night Football game.  Half the Terp fan base will not be watching this game live.  That's just great.

Temple offers Maryland a contrast in style.  Gary's troops want to get out and run while Temple hasn't allowed an opponent to score 60 points all year.  The good news is that the Terps proved at Penn State that they could dominate a low scoring affair.

Now, I expect Temple to shoot the ball better than the Nittany Lions, but it is comforting to know that the Terps can win having the pace dictated to them.

Temple has three players averaging double figures. Guards Ramone Moore and Juan Fernandez each clock in at 11 ppg.  Their 6'9" PF Lavoy Allen is the other double figure scorer.  Joining Allen in the front court is 6'11" Center, Michael Eric. 

In essence, we are faced with an experienced back court coupled with a big front court.  I don't know about you; but that is eerily reminiscent of Illinois. Something tells me that  the Illini are more talented; but the comparison holds and the concern is warranted.

The Terps are going to have to battle for second chance opportunities and the Terps must keep Temple off the offensive glass.  The Owls are likely to use the entire shot clock each time down, so the Terps can ill afford to the give the Owl too many second chance opportunities or we could go minutes without an offensive possession.

Temple has a couple of early season losses (Texas A&M and Cal), so the game may not help the SOS as much as I would have anticipated a month ago.  However, the game is a massive one for our young Terps.  A win and the Terps are well positioned to emerge in 2011 with only two losses.  A home game against BC still remains on the December schedule; but Temple is our last significant 2010 non-conference opponent.  A win here and we can look at that Villanova game in January without any pressure.

Expect a grinder.  I think the Terps will out class Temple down the stretch; but it won't be pretty or fun to watch.
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