Just When I Thought I Was Out; They Keep Pulling Me Back In!

I admit. I jumped the gun a little. Here's the post (unedited) that I started writing with 10 minutes left to play. I'm still standing by most of my comments; but boy that Vasquez sure has a way of seizing the moment, eh? Shades of Drew Nicholas!

Overtime illustrated what confidence can do for a team. They looked like a powerhouse out there. I have to keep telling myself that they are just kids.
I Hate Sports, Life....

This is awful. Another embarassment in what has become a long line of embarassments. There are 10 minutes left to play as I am writing this; yet I am already sure of the outcome.

Maryland has no offensive flow. Maryland has no inside presence. Maryland looks like Towson University out there tonight. This is not the same thing as losing to American University, but it is damn close.

Can we just fast forward to next November please? All of my hope for the season just went out the window.

Aside from the horrific play; the fact the Dave Neal is playing crucial minutes tells me all I need to know about the rest of the season. How bad is Braxton Dupree that he is losing minutes to this guy? Where the hell is Jerome Burney? Are you telling me he could play better defense than Dave Neal?

Dave Neal is not a borderline ACC player. He is a borderline Division I player. Yet there he is-- catching passes on the elbow and front rimming 10 footers. What did I do to deserve this fate?

Gus Gilchrist can go to hell; that is for sure.

The defense on Blakney was non-existent. How many times can he pull out that baseline spin move before someone stops him?

Vasquez is up to his old tricks again. Dishing out turnovers left and right; getting frustrated and bull-rushing to the basket.

At least last year we knew that the Terps were underachieving. Gist was an NBA prospect. This year, Maryland fans are just hoping against hope that all of our interior weaknesses don't kill us as badly as we know they probably will.

I've officially added a new "tag" for my posts. Historically, I categorized all of my posts after bad losses unde the tag "Frustration" (Notice how big it is on the right hand side). Tonight, with this post, I christen a new tag: "Despair". It is no longer frustrating to lose to teams like Vermont and American. It is pure despair. the program is at rock bottom and we all know it.
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