UNC Game Thread

Outside of the snow, the most popular discussion in College Park this weekend is about how this afternoon's contest against UNC is a "trap game"  Don't bet on it.  When your coach exhibits the kind of dedication we have seen from Gary Williams (as mentioned previously, he hasn't slept at his home since before the Florida State game); then you bette [...] Read More »

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UNC-Greensboro Thread

The Terps travel to the venue for the ACC Championship.  I suppose the coaches want the team to be familiar with the arena and its environs.  After the first half of the season, it is clear that ACC Tournament will be important if the Terps hope to turn their season around.It shouldn't be this way.  It just shouldn't.  No one is to blame and everyo [...] Read More »

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MD Shocks UNC as Vasquez and Tucker Spark Upset

Wow.I've seen my share of upsets; but today's performance has to take the cake.  Talk about improbable! MD's trio at the pivot of Dave Neal, Dino Gregory, and Jerome Burney some how some way held off one of the strongest frontcourts in the nation. And that wasn't even the most incredible performance of the game! That honor, of course, goes to Greiv [...] Read More »

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Terps - UNC Thread

Today is Maryland's penultimate chance to impress the selection committee. Some probably think that this is an exercise in futility and there is nothing the Terps can do short of winning out to get in.I'm inclined to agree. The Terps just aren't good enough to compete with the likes of UNC. As we've seen all year; the team's flaws often get expo [...] Read More »

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YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OK, so it wasn't USA 4, USSR 3 from the 1980 Olympics, but beating #1 UNC at the Dean Dome is one of the all-time great wins in Maryland history. This from the team that was justifiably ridiculed by Billy Packer just four nights ago? Impossible!What happened today is why we love sports. To quote the greatest sports movie eve [...] Read More »

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Maryland - UNC Thread

There is not much chance for a win today, but I will never say never (even though I did in my last post). In order to be competitive; the Terps need own the glass and record 8-10 blocks. Greivis needs to play under control and limit his turnovers to less than four. The Terps also need to hit 6 or more threes and Gist must score 25+ points.I'm hopi [...] Read More »

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