Picking up the Pieces

Stomach Punch.

Call it the most gut-wrenching loss in Maryland history.  Call it the anti-Drew Nicholas.  Whatever you want to call it; I'm left shell shocked and I don't mean that as a pun.  I've been wandering the streets of neighborhood (still freezing cause I live in fucking Chicago) with the sound of Korie Lucious' shot hitting the back iron still ringing in my ear.

Lucious averaged a grand total of 4.9 points per game but that's how it goes sometimes.  If we had only had a time out left!  If only the clock started on time (it was at least .5 seconds late)!  If only we had a foul to give!

The only thing to do is move on.  I'm way to mentally drained to contemplate a season ending review.  Besides, who would want to read that right now?

I'll leave you with some final thoughts about this team.  Greivis Vasquez has the heart of a champion. He did everything possible to lead us to victory. Hayes and Milbourne played well too.  We were just out manned down low. A -20 rebounding margin almost never results in a win and today was no different despite how close it was in the end.

Jordan Williams needs help next year and I don't think it should be Dino Gregory.  James Padgett needs to add 15 lbs of muscle and he might help us put up a better fight.

Adrian Bowie has become a player.  Cliff Tucker is an idiot.  Next year will be a struggle but if our freshman show as much promise as Jordan Williams, we will be fine.  If not, well, I just don't want to think about it.
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