Site Issues

Hey folks.  A couple housekeeping notes....

Load times

Some of you may have noticed load time delays with the site over the last couple of months.  I'm trying to get to the bottom of this, but I feel a little bit like Braxton Dupree trying to learn the flex offense:  lost.  My webmaster (who's not really a webmaster, just a buddy) can't determine if the problem rests with the publishing software (Wordpress) or the hosting company (GoDaddy).  Neither Wordpress nor GoDaddy think the problem is theirs.  I'm exploring switching one or both; but first wanted to ask if any readers know anything about web development and what could be slowing the site down.  Rather than muck up the comments, if you have any thoughts, please just email me directly:

Left Hand Column

I'm not sure how many of you look at the the RSS feeds that I have aggregated on the left hand; but I think they should prove helpful to keep up to date with the Terps.  Here's a brief description:

  • Turtle Soup Twitter Updates. If you follow the site (actually it's my Twitter account- ChicagoTerp); you will automatically receive Twitter updates whenver a new post is made (including Gregg's posts).  I've yet to fully embrace the medium, but I will start updating with other Terp tidbits as well.

  • Gary Williams Twitter Updates. Even if you don't have twitter, you can check here for the lastest tweets emanating from the coach.  Rest assured if Coach Friedgen joins Twitter, I will add his feed as well.

  • Post Terrapin Insider. This feed provides you with the latest updates to the Washington Post Terps Blog. Steve Yanda covers the men's team and Camille Powell covers the women.

  • Sun Recruiting Report. The Baltimore Sun's Matt Bracken covers recruiting for the Terps.  He's a friend of the site and that notwithstanding does a fantastic job covering MD recruiting.

  • DC Sports Blog. If you are a DC sports fan, then you are probably familiar with this site.  It's quite a statement that in the middle of the baseball season, his posts center around the Wizards and Redskins.

  • Sun - Tracking the Terps. The Baltimore Sun's Jeff Barker covers the Terps.  I've emailed him multiple times asking him to add Turtle Soup to his blogroll.  What are you waiting for Jeff?

  • Terp Talk. Bruce Posner hosts Terp Talk on ESPN AM 130o and runs a good blog too.

  • Testudo Times. These guys do a great job of posting regularly (even during the offseason) and they do a much better job at thing like football recruiting than I can.  I simply don't have the time.

  • Zag's Blog.  Anyone who followed the Lance Stephenson saga is aware of this site.  Zagoria covers NYC hoops.  He has pretty good sources and seems to be able break stories about the top tri-state recruits.  He throws in too much speculation at times as evidenced by his multiple swings and misses in trying to nail the Born Ready story.

If you have any blogs or sites that you think provide exceptional information about the Terps or the ACC in general; please let me know and I will add them to the list.
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