B1G Excitement

As an homage to our new conference namesake as well as an attempt to get everyone on board; I present 10 reasons to get excited about Maryland joining the B1G:

10.  We get our chance at revenge against Penn State for all those defeats not to mention the 70-7 drubbing that the disgraced one hung on us in 1993. Remember after this class graduates, PSU will STINK.

9.  Nebraska, Michigan, and Ohio State games at Byrd.  Say what you want but that is some serious tradition coming to College Park.  It beats FSU, Miami, and Clemson any day.

8.  The "Leaders" division.  Indiana, Purdue, Illinois, a soon-to-be feeble Penn State, Wisconsin and Ohio State.  It's not an exaggeration to say that Maryland may be the third best team in this division by the time 2014 rolls around.

7.  Road trips to Madison and Ann Arbor.  Partying in Mad-Town?  Terps playing in the Big House?

6.  The B1G Tournament in Chicago.

5.  Road games in Assembly Hall, Bloomington IN.

4.  Big Ten Network.  No more ESPN3!

3. Expanding our basketball recruiting footprint to Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit.

2. Avenging Greivis for what Korie Lucious did.

1. The Rose Bowl.  The Terps could play in the Rose Bowl one day.  Just think about that.

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A Reasonable Maryland To B1G Thread

There a million opinions floating around about Maryland's impending switch to the B1G. In my opinion, it all comes down to William "Slappy" Kirwan's influence on the Board of Regents. Personally, I think Kirwan will block the deal. I've never met the man, but every opportunity he's had to do something bold in his career, he's refrained fr [...] Read More »

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Texas Staying Put; NCAA Landscape Stabilizes (for now)

Texas is staying put in the New Big 10 or the old Big 12 or whatever that are going to be called now.  That leaves the Pac-10 with 11 teams and looking for at least one more school.  The old Big 10 or new Big 12 could still be looking too; especially if Notre Dame comes calling.  We could still see a Big 16 that includes Notre Dame, Syracuse, Pitt, [...] Read More »

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Colorado to PAC-10, Texas and Texas A&M to Big-10, OU to SEC

Folks, today is really getting crazy. Colorado has announced formally that it is joining the PAC-10.  Now, high-level sources are confirming that the two big Texas schools are petitioning the Big-10 for entry.  Those same sources are also claiming that Oklahoma is petitioning the SEC for entry.The silence from Maryland has been deafening considerin [...] Read More »

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Greed Strikes Again

As if the impending 96-team NCAA Tournament weren't bad enough; now the greedy old men who run the NCAA are determined to destroy college basketball by creating Super Conferences. Texas moving to the SEC?  Maryland to the Big 10?  Syracuse to the ACC?  Four super conferences with 16 teams each?Why?  What's the point?  Money of course is driving all [...] Read More »

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