Jerami Grant Decision Looming; Not Looking Good For MD

It's looking like Jerami Grant will announce his college choice tomorrow and it won't be Maryland or Rutgers.  It seems that Syracuse will be the pick.  Turtle Soup sources (read: DBR) are quoting sources from NY that are claiming the Orangemen will get Grant's services.  How's that for a rumor from a rumor. 

Well, I'm going with the story because it makes sense.  Having lost out on Layman, Syracuse has made a late play for Grant.  Perhaps Grant thought Syracuse was out of reach and now that they have come calling, he's going to accept the offer. 

Another possibility is that Amile Jefferson is close to considering MD and there just is not enough room on the roster for Layman, Grant, and Jefferson. Obviously, any AJ speculation is purely aspirational; but a guy can hope can't he?

Either way, look for an announcement tomorrow.
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Is Ralph Still A Good Coach?

It begs the question.Anyone looking at this team from afar can see that they have beaten two quality teams in Cal and Clemson, yet lost to two horrible teams in MIddle Tennessee and Virginia. They made those bad teams look great in doing so. It's hard to explain how a team can ride this rollercoaster from week to week. You look at it and say, "H [...] Read More »

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Non-conference Recap

It was the best of times, It was the worst of times. The last 16 games defined the worst non-conference performance in Gary William's tenure. The first 12 games (save for the win at Illinois) was perhaps the worst stretch of Maryland basketball since the late 1960's. It included near losses to doormats (Hampton and Northeastern), demoralizing lo [...] Read More »

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Terps Hit New Low

Okay, I needed a few hours to try and get some perspective. I am beyong frustrated and embarrassed over the Terps plummet to the bottom of Division 1, but we all have to try and not think the program is in shambles over this unfortunate turn of events.I have always been a Gary apologist and he's given me no reason to call for his head yet. The co [...] Read More »

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Carmelo, Gay, and Durant

Former Maryland high school standout, Kevin Durant had 37 points and 23 rebounds tonight for the University of TEXAS!Gary Williams has done a tremendous job building a program without getting guys like that.  It truly is amazing.  However,  wouldn't it be nice if just once, a blue-chipper came to College Park?I'm not so cynical that I believe that [...] Read More »

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